Hakuba Snow Report: A murky day here

Feels as if it’s spring already in Hakuba. The sky is overcast, starting the day early with only thin clouds but becoming thicker and murkier as the day goes on. Warm at the bottom of the slopes (2.0℃) and a little bit colder up top (-3.6℃). Not too much new snow to speak of in most resorts although some is currently falling in Goryu. Rain falling at Happo and 47 but snowing higher up the slopes.

Some notes:

It’s the third day of Japan National Ski Technical Competition at Hakuba Happo resort which will continue over the weekend.

The Tsugaike Ropeway will start its spring operation tomorrow (March 10). Climbing notices will need to be filled out and handed in. Helicopter Ski & Snowboard tours in Tusugaike also start tomorrow.

Current snow depths in Hakuba (thanks to Snow Navi):

Happo-one 170cm
Tsugaike 235cm
Goryu 250cm
Hakuba 47 249cm
Iwatake 160cm
Norikura 160cm
Cortina 310cm
Kashimayari 140cm

Hakuba Snow Report: Spring type day in Hakuba

Yesterday was a little bit warm, almost like Spring, as March kicked off with sunny skies. Today has seen cloudy skies emerging but it’s still reasonably warm (around +2). The snow is packed and groomed but softening as the day goes on. Hopefully some snow forecast for the weekend.

For those interested the Heli Ski/Snowboard operation and Tsugaike Ropeway starts up this weekend.

Current snow depths in Hakuba (thanks to Snow Navi):

Happo-one 190cm
Tsugaike 250cm
Goryu 285cm
Hakuba 47 231cm
Iwatake 180cm
Norikura 190cm
Cortina 340cm
Kashimayari 160cm

The three peaks looked gorgeous this morning (7AM) before the clouds came in.

The scene later today at Cortina