Hakuba Snow Report: 28 January, 2012

Amid the joy of all the awesome snow that the Baron von Dumphausen has bestowed on Hakuba we want skiers and snowboarders to remember that conditions underneath all that fresh stuff are not what they seem. Avalanche conditions in Hakuba are ever present now. After the recent warm conditions some of the wet snow has refrozen causing a crust. So with the extra snow on top over the last couple of days there is now a weak layer buried underneath with the stuff on top likely to slab off if put under any pressure. Some lifts have been closed so please pay close attention to any warnings and check the reports regularly. There are rumours tonight of a skier buried on the south face (out of bounds) at Goryu.

Update: 51 year old male, buried under 5 metres of snow. Presently unconcious.

This from the most recent report:

“Be aware of loose snow avalanches on steep slopes at tree line. Avoid unsupported snow around cliffs and convex slopes and also terrain traps such as gullies where loose snow avalanches can accumulate deep debris”

That said conditions in Hakuba are pretty awesome. There’s been nearly a metre of freshies dumped over the last 24 hours. This gives you an idea of conditions at Goryu today

And this is at Iwatake. Both pics thanks to Snow Navi


Hakuba Snow Report: January 6th, 2012

After a huge dump we are looking at a big weekend in Hakuba this weekend. As of this afternoon reported base depths in Hakuba resorts were:
Hakuba 47 196cm
Cortina 260cm
Happo-one 140cm
Tsugaike 210cm
Goryu 215cm
Iwatake 120cm

Weather alternated today between sunny, windy and cloudy. But coverage is great and there were lots of happy skiers/boarders out.

Budgie Smuggler in the trees at Hakuba today – pic posted at ski.com.au

Bluebird day at Goryu – pic thanks to Snow Navi

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