Hakuba Snow Report: Saturday 04 February 2012

More Snow!!

Snow was on the forecast today, however I think everyone has been pleasantly surprised with how much has fallen throughout the day. We awoke to about 3-4cm on the car here in the valley, with Goryu reporting 10-20cm. When we left Goryu at 1.30pm there was about 15cm on top of our car and as I type this it is still snowing nicely. Cross your fingers, do your snow dances and hope for a powder day tomorrow!

(Depths as reported on www.snownavi.com)

Happo-one 230cm
Tsugaike 290cm
Goryu 305cm
Hakuba 47 250cm
Iwatake 170cm
Norikura 230cm
Cortina 370cm
Kashimayari 200cm

Hakuba Snow Report: 3rd February, 2012

Sun poking it’s head through today. Starting to pack down on the groomers but still plenty of powder off to the sides and in the trees. Virtually no-one on the slopes – like a ghost town but a great day to be alive! Here’s a shot from the start of play this morning on Happo.

Current snow depths in Hakuba (thanks to Snow Navi).

Happo-one 220cm
Tsugaike 300cm
Goryu 300cm
Hakuba 47 250cm
Iwatake 180cm
Norikura 250cm
Cortina 360cm
Kashimayari 200cm

Don’t forget that the Hakuba Snow Festival starts next week – held between February 10 to 19  it’s the main event of the 2011-12 winter season in Hakuba. See here for more details.

The frequency and style of the Hakuba snow reports will be changing somewhat as this writer heads off to Hokkaido to check out the annual snow festivals in Asahikawa, Otaru and Sapporo plus plunder some pow. However the all new Hakuba-Guy will be stepping up to the plate to take up the slack.