Hakuba Snow Report 27 Jan 2013: More snow and great conditions

Hakuba Snow Report for 27 January 2013.

There is great vision this morning after an early sunrise. There is 20cm fresh snow in the village on top of the approximately one metre or so that had fallen over the previous 48 hours. At Happo they are reporting that Nakiyama slopes have a depth of 160cm, Sakka has 160cm and Usagidaira 240cm. It’s cold today with temperatures between -4 and -10 degrees and a slight wind.

Weather report for Hakuba Happo-one

Getting on the lifts at Nakiyama, Happo-one

Meanwhile this is the view over in Hakuba Cortina this morning

Hakuba Cortina now report

The view at Hakuba Cortina this morning

Evergreen reports on Friday, “The morning of the 24th saw multiple loose avalanches on all aspects. There will be high hazard due to the new snow in the last 24 hours. Stay to safe and well supported terrain and remember that Hakuba is a terrain trap waiting to happen. Don’t be the one to get trapped. Never leave the ski area boundaries unless you know where you are going and have the proper equipment and training to save your friends and reduce the risk to yourself and friends.” Don’t forget to check the avalanche report!

Should be a few less people on the slopes today as the Aussies get over their Straya Day hangovers. 😉 Unfortunately there is some rain forecast for 1st February that may spoil the party so get and make the most of it for the next 2 or 3 days at least!

Current snow depths in Hakuba (thanks to Snow Navi):

Happo-one – 200cm
Tsugaike – 200cm
Goryu – 290cm
Hakuba 47 – 220cm
Iwatake – 200cm
Kashimayari – 170cm
Norikura – 175cm
Cortina – 360cm

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Hakuba snow report, 17 January 2013: Sunny day in Hakuba

Apologies for a lack of reporting thus far this season as both of our Hakuba snow & ski correspondents have recently gone MIA.

The current temperature in Hakuba (Happo-one) is -4 degrees with 10cm fresh snow reported overnight. Snow is compacted so make sure your edges are sharp. There is some wind about today running about 2m/s. There has been some light snow with further snow showers expected. The sun is shining brightly and vision is good.

Sunny day at Hakuba Happo-one

Sunny day at Hakuba Happo-one

Current snow depths in Hakuba (thanks to Snow Navi):

Happo-one – 190cm
Tsugaike – 260cm
Goryu – 270cm
Hakuba 47 – 210cm
Iwatake – 140cm
Kashimayari – 120cm
Norikura – 160cm
Cortina – 280cm

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Hakuba Snow Report 18 Dec – Sunny day at Hakuba

Its a sunny day at Hakuba with firm snow. You will need to have your edges sharp if you’re higher up today.  Lower down the sun is starting to soften the snow and some bumps are forming. There have been high winds further up the mountain which has prevented some lifts from operating at various times.

Sunny day at Hakuba

Sunny day at Hakuba happo-one

Even for a Monday there are some crowded car parks so people must be making the most of the early snowfalls and sunny day at Hakuba. Hoping for the expected snow from Tue-Thurs to top up with some of the nice fluffy stuff – just before the world ends on Friday. So make sure to get in some Hakuba pow before the apocalypse. 😉

View from the gondola at Tsuigake Kogen

View from the gondola at Tsuigake Kogen

Current snow depths in Hakuba (thanks to Snow Navi):

  • Happo-one – 170cm
  • Tsugaike – 260cm
  • Goryu – 175cm
  • Hakuba 47 – 135cm
  • Iwatake – 115cm
  • Kashimayari – 60cm
  • Norikura – 65cm
  • Cortina – 190cm

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Hakuba Snow Report: Lots of the fresh stuff today!

Been some good falls since the last report with some Hakuba resorts reporting increased base of up to 30cm. It was fairly bright start to the morning but clouds have been coming in gradually. Fairly busy today with the national holiday and many Tokyoites and others taking the opportunity for a spring ski in Hakuba. More snowfall probably coming later this week and/or on the weekend. Snow condition is good with nice groomers and soft stuff on the sides.

Here’s a nice Hakuba powder snow video from Happo last week.

Current snow depths in Hakuba (thanks to Snow Navi):

Happo-one 220cm
Tsugaike 295cm
Goryu 265cm
Hakuba 47 246cm
Iwatake 160cm
Norikura 170cm
Cortina 320cm
Kashimayari 190cm

Hakuba Snow Report: Sunny day with some fresh snow

We’ve had some good falls since our last report (about 20-30cm) and that has continued through to this morning. Gorgeous bluebird afternoon with a low of -9 ° this morning and presently at our high of 3°

There are lots of people now heading out for the backcountry. Important! Avoid all avalanche terrain in both the alpine zone and at the tree line as there is high avalanche danger below the tree line and in off-piste areas. Natural and human triggered avalanches are quite certain.

Current snow depths in Hakuba (thanks to Snow Navi):

Happo-one 220cm
Tsugaike 285cm
Goryu 275cm
Hakuba 47 246cm
Iwatake 200cm
Norikura 180cm
Cortina 320cm
Kashimayari 190cm

Hakuba snow report: 06 February 2012

Unfortunately the rain that was predicted for Hakuba has started to fall and it has made things pretty wet out there. Fortunately though the rain is not too heavy and the temperature in the valley is only 0.9C which means it could possibly be falling as snow at higher elevations and there will be minimal damage to the base at lower elevations. On an even brighter note the forecast for the coming week looks like a lot of snow, so hopefully we should be back to fresh lines on Wednesday.

(Depths as reported on www.snownavi.com)

Happo-one 210cm
Tsugaike 280cm
Goryu 310cm
Hakuba 47 258cm
Iwatake 190cm
Norikura 210cm
Cortina 350cm
Kashimayari 200cm

No pictures from today, but with the wet weather it wasn’t looking too nice anyway. However here are a few from yesterday.

Hakuba Snow Report: 29th January, 2012

Just keep pounding down in Hakuba. Check the Cortina action today below.

Snow depths have increased dramatically in Hakuba over the last 72 hours or so. Info thanks to Snow Navi.

Hakuba 47 247cm
Cortina 340cm
Happo-one 210cm
Tsugaike 280cm
Goryu 275cm
Iwatake 160cm
Norikura 220cm

The Hakuba Snow Report will be off for the next 2-3 days as we leave to attend to some business.

Hakuba Snow Report: 25 January, 2012

To say there’s been a lot of snow in Hakuba in the last 18 hours is an understatement!Hakuba Cortina was the standout AGAIN with 70cm of freshies on the top slope. Some lifts were closed there due to avi danger but all courses were open by later today. Snow is falling steadily tonight and so tomorrow should be a good good day!

Current snow depths – thanks to Snow Navi.

Hakuba 47 185cm
Cortina 265cm
Happo-one 150cm
Tsugaike 245cm
Goryu 220cm
Iwatake 130cm
Norikura 175cm

A comment from Mark on the Hakuba Cortina Facebook about today’s action on the slopes.

“Excitement levels were super high while waiting for the lifts to open. We rode absolutely wonderful nipple deep powder all day long until our stomachs were screaming for pizza and our legs for onsen. It was hard to let our stomachs and legs win the battle when we were still finding fresh tracks mid afternoon, but we were more than happy with our day when they did.”

A lucky boarder getting in amongst some on-piste soft stuff at Hakuba Goryu today

 Happy Australia Day for tomorrow everyone. Don’t forget about drinks at the Whitehorse Lodge.

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Hakuba Snow Report: 15th January, 2012

Conditions as of lunchtime

Temperature: Top -4.4°C / Base 1.0C
North wind, 1.5m/s
New Snow Last 5hrs: 0cm
Weather: Cloudy
Today’s forecast: Cloudy with snow
Tomorrow’s forecast: Cloudy

This is a sweet shot from Cortina yesterday.

Pic thanks to the Green Plaza crew at Hakuba Cortina

Hakuba Snow Report – Writer needed.